Story Stew
Story Stew

1-hour workshop recommended for Yrs 2 – 6

The original and still the… original, Story Stew® is my delicious recipe that will help you to write any story about anything. That’s right – ANYTHING AT ALL!!

Using a basic story structure that will help children to construct a story while letting their imaginations run wild, Story Stew is a simple, effective and fun story writing aid that has helped tens of thousands of children (and their adults) discover the joy of telling a tale.

Who Let the Gods Out?
Who Let the Gods Out?

1-hour workshop, recommended for Yrs 3 – 6

Inspired by the anarchic world of Who Let the Gods Out?, Maz will help you to use classical mythology to write your very own myths.

Creating their own Herculean heroes, menacing monsters and glorious Gods, the children will use tales of yore – with their own modern twist – to create stories that are the stuff of legend.


Creative writing is my passion and when I’m not writing my own work, I love nothing more than inspiring imagination in other people. I have travelled all over the country, helping hundreds of thousands of people to write – and not one of them has been unable to produce a story in my classes.

I offer THREE WACKY WORKSHOPS to cater for all my creative customers. Different workshops can be combined within the same school day, with as many children as space and staffing will allow. Please note that I can only run a maximum of an assembly and three workshops in a school day.

If you would like to book a school visit, please send me a message via the contact page.

So check out Maz’s menu…



45-minute workshop, recommended for Yrs R – 2

Rosie’s always getting into trouble – she’s such a Nosey Parker! But Maz’s heroine will help little people to use their imaginations to draw (or write) what Nosey Rosie might find on her adventures.

A gentle introduction to creative writing that will encourage little minds to have big ideas.


Maz has served up her creative writing chaos at primary schools and literary festivals around the country - and the critics have loved it...

We were blessed to have a visit from Maz in January 2018. Her whole-school assembly was both inspiring and entertaining, with a bit of teacher-bashing (literally!) thrown in for good measure! Several of the staff described it as 'the best author assembly we've ever had'.
Maz’s energy, enthusiasm and encouragement in her 'Story Stew' workshop left the year 5 children buzzing with self-belief in their writing capabilities, using a simple but memorable recipe for story-writing. It was a truly wonderful day which will be remembered for a long, long time.
Maz spreads a little magic which lingers long after she's left the building. If you get the chance to have her visit your school, snap it up.
Queen Boudica Primary, Jan 2018heart wings

Thank you so much for a fab morning yesterday - totally bonkers but very fruitful and creative! The children ( and staff ) loved you, and everyone who has seen me this morning has said what a brilliant morning it was!
Ferndown Middle School - Feb 2018

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We have had the absolute pleasure and privilege of Maz visiting our school for a whole day, and I can say she was truly an inspiration for all our children and teachers. It was a memorable occasion that will stay with us as a school for years to come. Her humorous, energetic style had the children hooked from the minute she walked through the door. Her story stew is a simple, yet effective, way to hook children into writing stories, and is something that our children are using to write their own stories- they are brimming with ideas. Maz took the time to speak to our children one to one, developing confidence in even the most reluctant writer; this really meant a lot to them . I cannot recommend Maz highly enough- book her NOW!
R L Hughes Primary, Jan 2018heart wings

A huge thanks for coming in to Heathlands today. All of the staff I've spoken to were really impressed with the assembly (mainly because it involved ridiculing me!) and we are so grateful for the way in which you engaged the children in our classes. Also, for how you were willing to give each child so much of your time. They loved your energy, passion and enthusiasm. All of the children now have a clear structure to begin drafting their stories and that is testament to your fantastic workshop.
Heathlands Primary, Jan 2018heart wings

A massive thank you for coming to visit us in Milton Keynes! The children have not stopped talking about the day Maz Evans The Author came to school. A superb workshop with a fun and vibrant delivery. Maz has engaged some of our most reluctant readers and writers and motivated them to believe that they CAN be writers and readers of the future.
We have sincerely loved every page of Who Let The Gods Out and have laughed out loud together as we’ve read.
“I absolutely loved it when I shared my story with Maz, she made me feel like it was the best story in the world!”
Charlie Shults.
“Thank you for the encouragement and methods to help me write a fantastic story!”
Rion Smith
Cold Harbour Primary, Nov 2017

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Maz was absolutely fabulous from the moment she entered our school, till the moment she left.  She inspired so many children and was especially good with those children, who otherwise might be hard to engage.  My class have been frantically writing ever since and she really brought story writing alive for each and every child, that day, who had the privilege to meet her.   Thankyou Maz for teaching the future generation that they all could have a special story inside them just waiting to be brought alive. 
The Grange School, Nov 2017

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We were all delighted with the event – it was great fun and there were so many positive comments from pupils, staff and parents. The book sale broke all records!

Some comments from Year 6:

  • I loved the way she explained how to create stories – it was really exciting.
  • I loved the way she came up with original ideas for stories.
  • Maz Evans was entertaining and exciting.
  • She was funny and amazingly good at everything.
  • She like Greek Myths and I like Greek Myths. They’re the best.
  • Who Let The Gods Out is a great page-turner.
  • She threatened to blow up story hills and her planning sheet was awesome.
  • She was funny and she hated Frozen!

Truro Prep School, Nov 2017heart wings

Maz visited the school to do an assembly and managed to enthuse and captivate an audience from year 4 to year 8. Her passion for writing is totally infectious she empowered the children to believe that they too could fulfil their dreams if they kept trying and never gave up. The presentation was highly interactive and entertaining that the children found totally irresistible. We've had the most amazing feedback from SLT, children and parents, one child even ran all the way home and back again just so he could buy a book signed by Maz. I would highly recommend Maz to any school looking to encourage reading for pleasure, we have a school full of children with noses in books thanks to this inspiring visit.
Whitchurch Primary, Nov 2017

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Just wanted to say a massive thank you for today. We all loved your visit, we found it hilarious, engaging and inspiring- the children have been badgering us to write their stories.
Kingsclere Primary, Nov 2017

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How do you keep 300 children occupied for most of a morning? Invite Maz Evans, of course! Incredibly infectious with her enthusiasm for anything ancient, she had the whole school on the edge of their seats (or bottoms) with teacher quiz shows, balloon making session, writing tips and excerpts from her two books, Who Let the Gods Out? And Simply the Quest.

We still refer to her editing tips and words of wisdom about never giving up and her books continue to ignite our pupils’ imagination, two months on.
Southborough Primary, Oct 2017

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Absolutely fantastic day today. Our Year5 and 6 children met the actual author of 'Who let the Gods Out' and experienced the best story writing workshops I have seen. The only problem was trying to say goodbye at the end of the day, with several budding future authors clinging to her coat-tails, desperate to tell her their future career plans! Thanks for a wonderful day.
Bronte House School, Sept 2017

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Maz was, with no exaggeration, Simply The Best. She had the kids hook, line and sinker with her engaging and active presentations about reading and writing stories. The children all left the sessions inspired to read and write and haven’t stopped talking about it since. It will be a memory they carry for the rest of their lives. To sum it up: MEGA BOSH.
St Silas Primary, Toxteth

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As soon as Maz entered our school there was a buzz about the place and her captivating whole school assembly had children and teachers hooked from the start. The range of entertaining and engaging workshops from throughout the day had our children and teachers inspired, and imaginations were running wild as the story writing began. Please come back soon.
New Park Primary, Liverpool

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... Wow, what an amazing day we had with Maz and that's just the teachers! Her fun filled creative writing workshops, got our children enthusiastic to write and taught them all that we all have amazing imaginations, we just need to open them!
 After launching our book week with a whole school assembly, she captivated every child in the room and inspired them to write in year group workshops. Little did they know that thy were learning story writing techniques that will stay with them forever. The stories they produced following her workshops are amazing. We wish we could have her everyday!
Alma Park Primary, Manchester

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Thank you so much - we had the most amazing time and I know that the children were definitely inspired by the work you did with them. Your passion and obvious enjoyment of what you do enthused all of us (children and staff) and we really can't thank you enough - it was just what we needed!!
St George’s VA Primary School, Weston Super Mareheart wings


Mary - what can I say? In all honesty I had the best day I've had in teaching... Brilliant."
Hampton Court House School

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Mary Evans has been a great addition to our curriculum and enrichment activities at Meadlands Primary School. Initially, Mary worked with staff on an INSET day and introduced us to her story stew plan which the children have loved. Even though we were asked to come up with 6 different uses for a lightbulb on the spot, we did invite her back! We held a reading week to coincide with World Book Day. Mary came and led a fantastic assembly to launch the week then led workshops in every class. Following on from this success, under Mary’s energetic but very astute planning, we held two family workshops for lower and upper key stage 2. Mary is a delight to work with and is flexible, enthusiastic and loved by our children!"
Meadlands Primary School

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"Mary Evans certainly knows how to stir a room of children up with her ‘Story Stew’. The atmosphere in school during Mary’s visit was electric! Mary has quite honestly sparked the imagination of every single child who witnessed her energetic performance. She whips the children up into a frenzy of excitement and inspires them to write.

"Mary’s ‘Story Stew’ is teaching at its best – the children had no idea that they were learning about story structures and writing techniques but the stories I have read would illustrate outstanding learning. I’m sure Mary’s visit to school will be the highlight of the year for most of the children. We look forward to welcoming Mary back with her story magic next year! Many thanks Mary from all at Sheen Mount."
Ciaran Beatty, Literacy Co-ordinator, Sheen Mount Primary School

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"Mary introduced Story Stew during a whole school assembly that completely captivated the audience of 4-11 year olds. They were really inspired by the idea that a story really can be about anything, with the only limit being their imaginations.

"The Story Stew rhyme gave them an easy to remember structure for their stories and enabled them to put their ideas on to paper with greater confidence, knowing that they could be as creative and inventive as they wanted to be."
Laura Wiles, Literacy Co-ordinator, Holy Trinity Primary School, Richmond