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I love writing and I love teaching others to write. Whether you want to enjoy my books or you'd like me to visit your school or festival I would love to cook up some stories with you.

Everyone can write stories. That's right. Everyone. Especially you. Creative writing isn't a mystical art - it is a science with a bit of magic thrown in. With the right tools, everyone can write a good story. You might not be Dickens. But you won't be a right Charlie either.


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Maz has served up her creative writing chaos at primary schools and literary festivals around the country - and the critics have loved it... more testimonials

What can I say? WOW. We knew it would be great but it exceeded all our expectations. Teachers loved it. Children loved it. The buzz Maz created throughout her time at our school was like no other author visit we have ever had. The workshops were fantastic and engaging and her assembly was full of humour, wit and important words of wisdom. Schools you MUST book Maz because I know for a fact that we will be talking about her visit for a very long time. Thank you so much for inspiring us all!

- Princess Frederica School, March 2019

Maz, please accept my awe and gratitude! You were wonderful from the minute you arrived in school to the moment you left. Hilarious, inspiring, insightful; everyone here is singing your praises! You delivered an epic presentation that any Olympian would be proud of!

This was the perfect way to start our World Book Day celebrations as for once the pupils and staff are talking about what they are going to READ and not what they're going to wear! Hold The Daily Argus front page: Maz Evans is a STAR.

- Claires Court School, March 2019

I really wanted to thank you for your absolutely brilliantly-entertaining assembly and workshops. Everyone was singing your praises and you have inspired a lot of people, staff and children alike! As well as being so funny that you made our faces ache with laughing, your message was just right and what we try to tell the children all the time.

It’s also great to see so many children reading your books!

Yarrells Prep, March 2019

Books and audiobooks

Who Let the Gods Out?

A comedy fantasy adventure about a young boy who must reassemble the classical immortals to beat a death daemon and save mankind. You know the kind of thing... Age 7+

Rosie Harker, Nosey Parker

Rosie Harker is always getting into trouble – she is such a Nosey Parker! But when there’s a mystery at her Aunty’s wedding, can Nosey Rosie save the day? Age 4+