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 Hi! I’m Maz Evans and I am the author of the WHO LET THE GODS OUT? series – nice to cyber meet you!

At maz.world you can find out a little bit more about me – you can order some signed books or book me to come and visit your school or festival – I love to create a little Mazness wherever I go!

Teachers – please help yourselves to the free downloadable full scheme of work for WHO LET THE GODS OUT? here. I offer full and half-day visits to schools all around the UK, as well as Skype calls at home or abroad. Find out about my visits and then drop me a line on the contact page.

I really hope you enjoy my books and thanks so much for paying me a visit. I hope to see you soon – take care, my epic GodsSquad!

Lots of love,


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Maz has served up her creative writing chaos at primary schools and literary festivals around the country - and the critics have loved it... more testimonials

Thank you so much for the workshops yesterday. Our children have been so excited ever since! It was lovely as our session ended that one of my children enthusiastically announced “That was EPIC!”

For the entire afternoon, they shared their favourite moments and there truly was a buzz in the classroom.

Stanton Road Primary, Dec 2020

Maz's virtual visit was a wonderful fun-filled way to start our week. She is warm, enthusiastic and knows exactly how to engage a group of ten year olds. Her honest and funny answers have inspired even our more reluctant readers/writers and we can't wait to have her here in person.

- City of London Freemen's School, Dec 2020

Maz provided an online Zoom session to our KS2 children across the morning, which were in the form of a Q and A session. Throughout the session Maz was an absolute JOY! She is so incredibly engaging with the children, perfectly pitching the tone - marrying humour with being informative perfectly. Her passion for writing was utterly infectious and came through so clearly despite not being able to be at our school in person.

Warden Hill Primary, Dec 2020

Books and audiobooks

Who Let the Gods Out?

A comedy fantasy adventure about a young boy who must reassemble the classical immortals to beat a death daemon and save mankind. You know the kind of thing... Age 7+

Rosie Harker, Nosey Parker

Rosie Harker is always getting into trouble – she is such a Nosey Parker! But when there’s a mystery at her Aunty’s wedding, can Nosey Rosie save the day? Age 4+