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Barnes Children’s Literature Festival

Who Let the Gods Out?

Maz Evans presents a fun-filled family fiasco as she uses the world of her hilarious novel Who Let the Gods Out? to introduce Greek Mythology – as you’ve never seen it before. Packed with giggles and games, this presentation features Maz’s quest to find the King or Queen of the Gods from her audience members.

Do you have the brains to become Athene? The chit-chat to be Hermes? Or the leadership skills to become Zeus? The Who Let the Gods Out? show is entertaining and educational – look no further for an epic dose of mythological mayhem.

Since her earliest days, Mary Evans has dreamed of a glamorous and lucrative career. But despite her repeated applications to The Only Way is Essex, she has had to settle for life as a writer and spends her days scribbling for page and stage.

Mary is an author, scriptwriter, playwright, lyricist, journalist, poet, dinner lady, and whatever else pays the gas bill.

When: 3.00pm to 4.00pm - Sun 14 May 2017

Where: OSO Arts Centre

Barnes Children’s Literature Festival