Meet Maz

Oh Maya Gods

Saturday 28 October 2023
12:00 -

Venue: Yeovil Literature Festival, Wheeldon Suites 2&3
Tickets: £6
Children: £3
Footlights: Discount applies

A £1.50 ticket levy is included in all stated ticket prices.
Yeovil Literary Festival Events last approximately 60 minutes.


oh maya gods book

Oh Maya Gods

Meet the brand-new Gods Squad led by Vesper, the bossy, football-mad adopted daughter of Elliot Hooper. Along with Virgo’s son, Aster, she heads to ancient Mesoamerica to save the world from Maya immortals messing with astronomy, chocolate and human sacrifice ... Superstar author Maz Evans’s epic new adventure is a welcome return to the bestselling world of the Who Let the Gods Out? series.

In this new trilogy, each novel focuses on a different group of mythical villains inadvertently freed from captivity and neatly tie in to legends featured in the national curriculum: Mayan, Egyptian and Arthurian.

Age recommendation: 9+